In the midst of corporate fat cats taking over surf companies and the push to make pro surfing into a glamour sport, we felt there was a need for something different in the industry, something core to surf culture.

Something that speaks to the whole reason why we surf in the first place, TO HAVE FUN. We’re not gonna censor cuss words. We’re not trying to look pretty. We’re not gonna NOT make fun of Gabriel Medina shaving his armpits on camera for a commercial in which he’s probably getting paid jaw-dropping amounts of money. Our goal is to secure ourselves as a pillar in the surf industry as a comedic and fun outlet from all the fluff and bullshit that is pro surfing today. We still got day jobs, we’re just a couple of normal dudes back paddling and getting back paddled. 

When we made our start in December of 2011, it was an Instagram based on poking fun at our buddies who share the same love for surfing as us. If you wore your wetsuit in line at Starbucks, you were going on the page. If you put your fins backward in your surfboard, you were going on Kook of the Day. If you had a corny-ass tattoo that said something like “Live to surf. Surf to live”, you were getting posted with a funny caption with a funny hashtags to match. We encourage everybody, no matter who they are or what their surfing experience is, to rejoice in the comedy of kooks. The essence of kook stretches far and wide and lives in all of us. 

We all encounters kooks on a daily basis. From your everyday grocery store goer cooking up yeast in a wetty to Mark Suckerberg just being Mark Zuckerberg, to some kid doing TikTok dances before paddling out. Kookdome is a movement.  As the WSL has proven time and time again, even the best of the best sarfers can be considered a kook. SO DON’T BE OFFENDED, depending on the day, me or you, we’re all kooks in our own way.s